Indu Sharma - Principal of Bhupindra International Public School In Patiala

Indu Sharma

indu_sharma It brings me great pleasure to reach out to you, and partner with you on this journey of enabling excellence in education. I firmly believe teaching is one of the most sacred professions. It has been truly an awe inspiring journey being a part of the most reputed organization. ABC Montessori chain of schools have risen from humble numbers to the overwhelming ones serving children not only across the length and breadth of India but also abroad. It has attained tremendous height in providing children the best system of education.

Montessori System of Education- The legacy of an illustrious and pioneer educator; theexponent of early childhood education- Dr Maria Montessori has transcended the barriers of all the times. The Montessori system of education despite over hundred year old has proven to be the most modern and futuristic.

ABC Montessori lndia’s fastest developing American chain of Montessori Pre-schools are blessed by virtue of treading hallowed path of assisting, mentoring and nurturing children to face real challenges of life full on with beaming smiles.

The Montessori schools have been successful in their venture of creating and maintaining the nourishing environment; which is energizing and invigorating; where children blissfully stretch themselves to their optimum capacity in pursuit of various life skills.

The aim of ABC Montessori is to empower children with ‘self knowledge’ that helps to reduce the mismatch between aptitude and the interest as well as reduce gap between aspirations and actual potential as it gets hard later to take a reverse turn and search for one’s passion in life.

Montessori system addresses physical, cognitive, social, emotional, spiritual aspects of each child and brings about their metamorphosis. Children attain global perspective in their attitude as a pre-requisite to acquire greater zeniths.

In the direction of cultivating and nurturing child’s spirit, ABC Montessori is fortunate enough to have a kaleidoscope of academicians, educators, professionals that has been incessantly marching towards a persistent endeavour to impart world class authentic Montessori education. The effective partnership between communities and schools testifies the strength of the organization.

It gives me immense pleasure in sharing that there is hardly a more fruitful, greater and more exciting challenge for the academician than to be involved in planning and composing child friendly and age appropriate curriculum. Human values are vital component of ABC Montessori curriculum.

The most striking feature of our chain of ABC Montessori schools is the focus on thought process and de-emphasize rote learning so as to enable each one to become life- long learner. The most powerful ‘mantra’ Dr Maria Montessori gave to the world was, ‘Catch children young ‘. It is my profound belief that foundation laid in Montessori school is the strongest to produce the architects of future. I truly believe each Montessori school is gate way to infinite world of educational excellence.

The Director, Academic – ABC Montessori

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