Gurmeet Singh Arora - Chairman of ABC Montessori

Gurmeet Singh Arora

gurmeet_singh_aroraThe Montessori system of education is so real, so close to life that it prepares and grooms children for all kinds of challenges in life. Montessori approach is over 100 years old, well researched, universally accepted, scientific and highly effective system of educating and nurturing young children. It helps each child to obtain his full potential by emphasized learning through all five senses during his most crucial (Birth to 6) skill development years.

No wonders, it is the most sought after contemporary way of educating young children. Montessori schools are successfully operational across the world in 52 countries in six continents. Their success story has also given rise to a world wide great demand of qualified Montessori teachers.

Venturing into education sector is like pursuing an opportunity of life time. It is virtually recession free sector and offers a unique noble opportunity to make good fortune while re-paying the society through contribution towards the brighter future of children. ABC Montessori leaves no stone unturned in transforming children into future pillars of family, society and nation.

Existing Schools, Training Institutes as well as entrepreneurs/individuals, are welcome to join ABC Montessori, a rapidly progressing American Montessori Chain of Day-Cares, Pre-Schools, Montessori Teacher Education Centers across India and abroad.

Your success is ensured as ABC Montessori facilitates complete guidance to set-up, start and manage your own American Pre-School, Day-Care and Montessori Teacher Education Centre. You are facilitated with support package, which includes in addition to marketing plan, options for Montessori Entrepreneur Workshop, Montessori Pre-School Operations Manual, Montessori Pre-School Interior Manual, Montessori Teacher Training Course, Montessori preschool equipment, Curriculum, Language cards, Culture Science cards for Pre-school. The Montessori Teacher Education Centers are also facilitated with Montessori Teacher Training Course Curriculum and reference books for teacher students.

Chairman, ABC Montessori

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