What approach do you want us to take dealing with first time separation anxiety?

This is much more difficult on the parents.. but no less real! Always talk positive about the school. It is very important that you do tell the children that they will “get to be with other children”, and that “school is a special place for kids where parents don’t go.” Hand us your crying sweet […]

May I come in for an observation?

Yes! We strongly encourage parents to come in for an observation after their child has been in school at least once a month. A sheet will be placed on the clipboard on the bulletin board through which you may inform us of when you will be observing.

When will I be in charge of snack day?

Each family will have their name posted on the bulletin board in alphabetical order. On snack day, the family is asked to provide for the whole class. HEALTHY FOODS ONLY PLEASE! We at ABC Montessori encourage healthy eating habits.

Are field trips offered and if so how often?

Yes! Field trips may be offered about two times per semester (6 months). The field trips are educational, and we use nature as a learning tool. You will be informed as to the dates of the field trips. Permission slips must be signed stating whether or not students will be able to attend.

What kind of supplies will I need?

Supplies required: Lunch box, Backpack, A container to be kept at school with a change of clothes, A nap mat for quiet time (if the child is staying for extended day programme).

How do I apply?

Application forms are available at ABC Montessori School office every weekday from 08:30 am – 1.00 pm. Please bring the child’s original birth certificate and proof of residence.