About ABC Montessori

ABC Montessori is an ISO certified unit of an educational trust with mission to nurture, inspire, and support development of strong successful Montessori preschools across India and abroad as a part of its endeavor to improve education.

The Montessori system is the time-tested, well-researched education reform which is acclaimed around the world and is in great demand across the world. We continuously keep on associating with leading Montessori organizations and entities, by virtue of which we are benefited with the guidelines and latest development in Montessori world.

We further pass on the guidance and required support to desirous preschools, for adopting the Montessori system of education as a franchise package.


Our Vision

To be a global leader in the child development through empowerment of children.

Our Mission

To spread “The Montessori Way-knowledge of how children naturally learn” across India.


The Philosophy

  • Treats every child with respect
  • Provides clarity of direction
  • Provide a programme of holistic development
  • Nurtures an attitude of service in all one does
  • Elite grooming for universal citizenship
  • Provides evaluation that empowers & inspires.
  • Cooperation not competition


Aims & Objectives

  • To encourage children to realize their true potential.
  • To make children learn, and develop joy in learning.
  • To prepare children to be life-long learners by developing their skills as academic achievers.
  • Nurtures the whole child.
  • Personalize learning for each child.
  • Builds analytical & logical skills for better.
  • Intrinsically motivated – becomes the possible version of oneself.
  • Encourage children to realize their true potential.
  • Make children develop joy in learning.
  • Prepare children to be life-long learners.
  • Celebrates diversity and appreciates similarities.
  • Nurtures universal values like compassion, empathy, sympathy, and non – violence.
  • Builds original thinkers.
  • Universal peace.



ABC Montessori Approach ABC Montessori has adopted the Montessori methodology bestowed upon the world by one of the leading advocates of Early Childhood Education for educating and nurturing young children. It is a proven fact that 50% of child’s adult intelligence and 90% of adult brain patterns are developed in first five years of age. The Montessori concept helps the child in these most crucial formative years. The concept is based on the fact that every child has unique capabilities and pace of learning. It endorses the fact that children are always eager to explore new things and learn and master new skills.

We assure you complete technical-know how assistance and guidance from our end.  You are always welcome to contact us for any further query and we would love to assist you on your onward journey towards success.