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    Practical Life Activities

    The practical life exercises are the very foundation for the Montessori classroom. Concentration and development stem from these essential exercises. These activities help in guiding children about "care for self", "care for environment", courtesy, social grace and developing fine & gross motor skills.


    Sensorial Development

    Every individual is believed to be born with certain degree of intelligence which remains the same throughout the life-span of the individual. The sensorial exercises helps in making mental constructions which supplement and complement the intelligence of the individual.



    An enriched language program with a variety of listening, reading, and writing activities help in development of communication skills. Lot of emphasis is laid on phonetics, vocabulary building, public speaking, dramatization and visual aids.



    Students learn math more effectively by using manipulative because concrete materials provide a way for students to connect their understanding and experience with real objects to mathematical concepts. They use hands on learning material that make abstract concepts of quantity clear and concrete.


    Geography, History, Art, Culture

    Montessori teaches history and world cultures starting as early as three. Students work with specially designed globes, puzzle maps and begin to learn names of the continents and countries and is helped to understand basic land and water formations such as island, peninsula, strait, lake, bay etc.



    The child is helped to understand differentiation between living and nonliving things, differentiation between animals and plants; biological parts of flowers, root systems and trees, along with anatomical features of common animals.



    Montessori class room allows a diversity of individual expressions, personalities and cultural origins. Creativity is encouraged through imaginative drawing, painting, clay modeling, craft work and sand ply.

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    Physical Development

    Various activities like balancing, climbing, dancing and co-ordination exercises are a part of their daily curriculum. which facilitates physical development.

    Meet Our Team


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    The Jalsa – Food and Adventure Hub

    The once in a year celebration. Once in a year Parent Child Field Trip for the session 2018-19 beautifully held at The Jalsa, Fun Food and Frolic.

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    Happy Gurpurab Celebrations at ABC Montessori Rajouri Garden, Delhi

    On the wonderful occasion of Gurpurab, the birth of Guru Nanak Dev Ji was celebrated in school . The day started with the warm welcome of the adorable little Montessorian, dressed beautifully in traditional Punjabi attires. The school was beautifully decorated and filled with an aura of spiritual bliss all around with the Shabad Kirtan playing in the background. Langar was prepared in which Prasad was distributed to all.

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    Diwali Mela Glimpses at ABC Montessori Rajouri Garden, Delhi

    Let’s look at some easy and fun Diwali activities which children with their parents enjoyed at school.

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    Characteristics of Montessori

    • Respect for the child
    • Respect for one another
    • Cultural Diversity
    • Universal adaptability
    • Cosmic Education
    • Induviduality
    • Independence
    • Freedom for choice
    • Hands-on learning
    • Love of work
    • Care of oneself
    • Spontaneous concentration
    • Self-discipline
    • Lessons in grace and courtesy
    • Lessons in grace and courtesy
    • Intrinsic motivation
    • Initiative
    • Prepared environment
    • Integrated curriculum
    • Sense of order
    • Refinement of the senses
    • Movement
    • Auto education
    • Teacher as facilitator

    Our Programs

    Pre School

    ABC Montessori is to be the global leader in child development through empowerment…

    Activity Camp

    With the grand success of pilot project of ABC Montessori school, the objective is focused to establish more.


    Performing Arts Classes

    With the grand success of pilot project of ABC Montessori school, the objective is focused to establish more.


    Arts and Crafts Classes

    With the grand success of pilot project of ABC Montessori school, the objective is focused to establish more..

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